Welcome to The Children's Farm

A glimpse into what we do at the Farm

Children gathered around a table helping to measure and mix ingredients to make zucchini muffins as a snack.

Mathematics at Farm

At the Children’s Farm we foster learning by doing. The learning opportunities are all around. Here are some examples: Measurement While filling water buckets to bring to the animals we

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Child bundled up and sitting on a log outside in the snow

What to Wear to the Children’s Farm

Because the Children’s Farm students spend much time outside, this question become more complex. Here are some clothing considerations and suggestions which parents and teachers have found successful in the

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A young girl in a blue sweater gently holding an orange kitten in her arms at The Children's Farm.

Kitten Holding

It’s the beginning of another day at the Children’s Farm, and the children are carrying buckets to feed animals, pushing wheelbarrows of hay to hungry calf and goats, and finishing

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