After School Classes for children ages 5 to 11 years old

Classes are held outside in all types of weather, so please dress accordingly. Our indoor classroom and barn are used sparingly as needed. Ages for classes are listed on the individual registrations.

Winter on the Farm

Opportunities are offered for children to grow in curiosity, confidence and caring using outdoor activities in the winter. Children help feed the animals, create a winter bonfire and explore ice-covered ponds.

Photo by Katie Haslam

Photo by Katie Haslam

Young Explorers

Young Explorers will focus on a different environment and terrain each week. From forests to fields to ponds, we will discover and learn about various living and growing features on the Farm. In addition to exploring the natural world around us, we will do hands on farm activities such as daily chores, horseback riding and gardening.

Cooking on the Farm

We know that children learn best when their learning is connected to meaningful activities. Your child will experience first hand how delicious foods can be when harvested fresh that day and prepared in a variety of foods. Exciting, hands-on experiences, paired with fall gardening, will give your child an opportunity to perhaps try new foods and see where and how the ingredients grew. Each day will focus on a cooking activity as well as daily farm chores and a hike to explore a new area of the farm. In these classes, children will work on their own individual snacks as well as some group foods and a chance to collaborate with a peer. Snack is prepared each class time.