Learning Through Growing

We'll come to your school or meeting place and present a two hour workshop.

Workshops include demonstrations, examples, group discussion, videos, classroom samples and active learning, all designed to "Get You Growing".

Choose one of these topics, or plan a series of all three!


It's more than Science! Learn about social and emotional benefits to children, planning a garden at school or at home, getting started inside, and integrating garden learning into the rest of the curriculum.


Learn about why it's important (research and philosophy) and practical tips for making it happen. Includes planning for successful field trips, using the space and place you have, and ideas for creating interest and excitement. Ideas from all over the world are presented. Hands-on learning and "samples" to take home.


Keep in touch with the Real World. What is real? Discuss processes and changes, and how kids learn about these (research and philosophy). Keep the plastic and passive out of your learning environment, with ideas for curriculum and activities. Hands-on experience in indoor nature study.

Learning Through Growing is offered as an extension of the educational program of The Children's Farm. Based on well-researched psychology and educational theory, the Children's Farm philosophy incorporates mutual respect, experiential learning, and confidence building in its teaching with young children. These same principles apply to our outreach to parents and teachers as we share observations, experiences, and methods developed over 30 years at The Children's Farm.

Presenter Nancy Jones has an M.S. in Child and Family Studies and is a licensed teacher and parent educator. Nancy looks forward to sharing the unique insights learned at the Children's Farm with others who are actively "Growing Children".

Please call 651-439-7745 for information or to schedule a workshop.